From Bump to Baby

When Weird Things Happen to Regular Moms


During my pregnancies, I remember thinking, “there is no body part that goes unaffected.” Your back aches, your taste buds change, your ankles swell, your legs cramp, your skin breaks out, your heart rate increases. Oh, and your belly grows so incredibly large that you’d think there’s a human in there. Oh wait, there is. Which is, perhaps, why — Your. Entire. Body. Reacts.

I’m sure that none of this comes as a shock to you. These are well known facts….the stuff sitcoms with pregnant-lady-characters are made of. You know what I’m talking about – the stereotypical pregnant lady who can’t get out of her seat without help because of her aching back and big belly.

What may come as a shock, however, are some of the lesser-known ailments that affect you. So I am here to give you a head up about things that have happened to real women during or after their pregnancies. Don’t be surprised if:

-Your hair color changes

-Your hair falls out, as in you need to buy a wig now

-You have itchy scalp

-Your vision changes (note – don’t get a prescription for new contacts or glasses during pregnancy)

-You develop facial hair

-You lose part of your eyebrows

(Anybody noticing the hair theme here?)

-You get postpartum gingivitus

-Your skin changes color

-Your nose swells

-Your foot grows – enough to affect your shoe size

-Your hands go numb

-You develop a metallic taste in your mouth

Believe it or not, this is the short list. I share this to give fair warning and lessen the shock if anything unusual happens to YOU. So, when your vocal chords change and you can’t reach that high note during karaoke night for your birthday, you’ll know why. And…you’re welcome for giving the heads up.

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