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So many choices, so many decisions, so many opinions…….are you nodding your head yet? Take a deep breath, relax and know there is not just one right answer for everyone. Over time, you will develop your own style, and learn as you go, what works best for you and your baby. Nicole opens up and shares what helped her as a new mom, the struggles she went through and recommendations to help as you transition into this new role of mom! It is quite a journey as you go from BUMP to BABY!

Newly Pregnant

Congratulations! Now what? Nicole shares the top 5 things you should know or be thinking about once you take that positive pregnancy test.

Traveling with Baby

Now this is something Nicole knows all too well. With family far away, there were a lot of plane trips starting at 5 weeks old (not that she recommends this). She shares tips to keep your sanity and a plan for the most successful trip possible.

Going back to work

A big decision that most women are needing to make. Nicole shares the pros and cons and what you should be thinking about even now, as you prepare for going back to work after baby.

Choosing bottles

Plastic, glass, size, shape, nipple flow, anti-colic……..how do you know which ones to choose? Nicole will help you navigate the baby bottle lingo and shares her favorites.

Choosing a diaper bag

One of the fun items to pick out is the diaper bag! But like everything else, there are a lot of choices. Nicole shares tips to consider when choosing a diaper bag. Go ahead, get the cute one! (your husband needs his own anyways)

How to know when labor begins

Learn about the signs of labor, what a uterine contraction feels like and get questions answered about when your water is going to break and what this means. Learn how to time your contractions and the guidelines to go to the hospital for first time moms.

Postpartum recovery for mom

Have you thought about what your physical recovery is going to be like after you deliver baby? Learn what to expect in the hours after birth in the hospital as well as the following weeks at home and what products to have on hand to have a smooth recovery process.