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Stroller Shopping–Let’s Begin

Asking the question “What is the best stroller?” is like asking “What is the best song?” If you ask 100 different people you will get 100 different answers. For that reason, I will not attempt to give an opinion here, as much as set you off on your stroller buying adventure.


First things first – wrap your mind around the thought that you will likely own more than one stroller. (Bookmark this article now so that you can show it to your husband when he’s asking, “why, why, why in the world do we have three strollers and only one baby?”) In case you are saying, um -yes, Kim – why? Here’s why. You will likely have a primary stroller. But that primary stroller may not be the easiest to fold up and put into/pull out of out of a car….or perhaps may not be suitable for jogging…or perhaps will be too cumbersome for transit…or perhaps will fit only one baby and you (fast forward here) need room for two little ones. So, repeat after me – “I will own more than one stroller and that is okay.”


Another reason you may own more than one stroller is because some people choose a lightweight frame – called an infant carseat carrier – for the first several months, and then move onto more of a traditional stroller or buggy. The infant carseat carrier allows you to remove the carseat from its base in the car and strap right into the stroller, but doesn’t function as a regular stroller that a baby can sit up in. This means that you will move onto a traditional stroller around 6 months or so.


The reason I emphasize the more-than-one-stroller thing is because it actually helps take some pressure off as you dip your toe into the “stroller buying” waters. Because if you attempt to find that one stroller that meets every single one of your needs and falls within the exact parameters of your budget, well, your stroller quest may fail. And that would be a big bummer if you have to carry that carseat and baby around everywhere you go. Your arms will thank you if you read on and open your mind to your various stroller needs.


After you’ve come to peace with that fact, I recommend that you get educated. Find at least one “Stroller 101” type of article and go from there. Here are some fabulous suggestions:


Consumer Reports Stroller Buying Guide

Parents Stroller Buying Guide

“Mom’s Stroller Reviews” Stroller Comparison Chart

Baby List’s “How To Choose A Stroller”


Then, once you have your bearings, head to the store. Test drive a few. There’s nothing like experimenting with it in person to see how heavy or lightweight it is, how easy it collapses and folds, or how high the handles are. Meanwhile, remember that the store employees may be a resource but not your end-all for advice and knowledge. Do your own research, which includes asking moms firsthand about their stroller preferences. Keep in mind every mom you ask will love and highly recommend their own stroller. And now I’ve basically taken us back to the beginning of the article.


So, I’ll wrap it up by sharing the answer to the question I know you’re wondering about. It’s five. The number of strollers in the Caifano household is five. And yes, my husband asks, “why, why, why?” Hmm – maybe I should show him this article.





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