Babies don’t come with an owner’s manual. That’s why we have an amazing curriculum of classes to prep you for motherhood!  We invite you and your significant other to learn, laugh and enjoy as you sit back and relax in our exclusive group classes, or specialized one-on-one training given at a time and location convenient for you. We recommend registering for prenatal classes by your fifth month of pregnancy. Plan to complete your prenatal classes 4-6 weeks before your due date.

Group classes are offered at several locations in Kirkland and we also offer classes at EvergreenHealth Hospital.

One Accord Building–Downtown Kirkland (Click here for map/directions)

Evergreen Women’s Care Clinic (Click here for map/directions)

Evergreen Women’s Health Center (Click here for map/directions)

Center for Women’s Health at Evergreen Suite 102 (Click here for map/directions)

Eastside Ob/Gyn

Early Pregnancy (One-and-a-half hour class – FREE)

Congratulations! You’ve just found out you’re pregnant and now you have a million questions. Having a baby is an extraordinary experience, and we hope this free class will help you take comfort by calming some nerves and answering some essential questions. Learn what to expect physically and emotionally during pregnancy, prenatal testing offered through your clinic, comfort techniques for aches/pains, the role of your medical caregivers and what to expect at your appointments,  nutritional requirements, and how to plan for the best pregnancy possible.

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Childbirth and Newborn Care & Breastfeeding (Six-and-a-half hour class: $230 per couple)

This class is designed for the busy couple who is short on time but still wants to feel prepared and armed with the essential information surrounding the birth process and newborn care. We will discuss signs of labor, the labor process and coping skills such as Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques, pain medication options, C-sections, inductions and what to expect post-delivery.

The second half of this class will prepare you to care for your newborn at home. We will cover diapering, umbilical cord care, bathing, breast & bottle feeding, sleeping and more. Our goal is to leave you feeling assured and confident in your role as a new parent.

Class options: Two, three-hour weeknight sessions OR one, six-and-a-half hour Saturday session.

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Infant Safety, Injury & Illness Prevention-includes overview of infant CPR (Three hour class: $85 per couple)

This class will cover how to keep your infant or toddler safe by increasing your awareness of common safety hazards in your home and how to create a safe environment for your child. Learn how to recognize signs of illness and when to contact your doctor or call 911. Learn how to respond to emergency situations including an overview of basic CPR and infant first aid, and how to assist an infant who is choking or unresponsive. (CPR is non-certification)

*This class can be arranged as a private session at a time and location convenient for you.

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