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Baby Monitoring – The New Generation


One spring day, the sun beckoned my friends and me outside. The neighborhood moms gathered, pulled up some lawn chairs and chatted while the kids played on the driveway. Within a few minutes, one mom glanced at her phone and said “Oops, it looks like Becca is waking up. I better go get her.” I nodded, acting like I knew what she was talking about. I totally didn’t. I later googled “baby monitor apps” and was educated on this whole new world of, um, monitoring your baby…with an app on your phone.


You see back in the olden days when I was having kids (2014) there was just the portable video monitor which offered limited frequency – usually not going beyond the walls of your house. Back in the REAL olden days, the only video monitor option was a stationary one. Meaning, you actually had to leave the room you were in, walk to the room where the monitor screen was plugged into, and view your baby from there. Back in the REALLY, REALLY olden days you – gasp – could. not. even. see. your. baby. There were audio monitors only. And before that (we are basically going back to caveman times here) there were NO baby monitors. You somehow, somehow had to manage without being able to see your baby on a screen. People also did things like print the pictures they took with their camera…. and write letters and mail them…and insert a key into the keyhole of a car to unlock it. Times were weird.


Indeed, things have changed, and, while, babies have for the most part remained the same, the way of raising them has continued to evolve. The baby monitor world is just one example of many. After giving this some contemplation, here’s what I want you to know.


–You WILL want a video monitor option of some sort. At first, you may ask, “why do I want to watch my baby sleep?” but it’s really about monitoring so much more. Parents find themselves tracking things like – did baby roll over onto her belly, did she fall asleep with the pacifier in her mouth, is she crying because she lost her stuffed animal, is she awake but quietly playing in her crib? The list goes on. In the later years it turns into tracking whether or not the child climbed out of her crib or is playing quietly for her quiet time, etc. A video monitor is a wonderful product to own.


–Portable video monitors are great because you can carry the monitor with you throughout your house and rest assured that you will hear her cry even if you are on a different level or opposite ends of the house. Simply go to the monitor section in the baby aisle and you will find plenty of options to choose from.


–And yes, the newest development in the monitor world is the phone-based monitor. By downloading an app, parents can check in on their baby anywhere at any time. There are a number of baby monitoring apps offering different options for setup. Of course, you will want to make sure that you go about this in a safe manner and ensure the video streams of your child are kept private and accessible to you and caregivers only. wrote an article on baby monitor apps that is worth the read. From the “how to” to the top rated apps, click here for the article.


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