About Prepare the Nest

Nicole Shanks, RN, CCE Founder and Educator

Nicole Shanks, RN, CCE and Family

As a former labor and delivery nurse, clinical nurse, childbirth educator, certified life coach and most importantly, mother of two young children, Nicole created Prepare the Nest to provide realistic mom-to-mom training within the local childbirth class market. When searching for classes to attend while she was pregnant, she felt too many programs focused solely on the day of delivery, with too little time spent on preparing new moms for the fun, frantic and sometimes frustrating role of motherhood.

As a result, Nicole’s desire at Prepare the Nest is to provide new and expectant moms with honest, accurate and practical advice on a physical, emotional and hormonal level through each phase of your pregnancy and postpartum experience. Nicole and her team of experts will coach you through your new role as a mom, guide you through relational changes and provide you with the additional support critical for parenting in the first few years of life.

The unparalleled assortment of classes, seminars, one-on-one coaching and top-of-the-line services at Prepare the Nest will help make your transition into parenthood one that is exciting, informed and ready for the joyful journey ahead of you.

Get to know Nicole better…understand her pregnancy struggles and experiences as a mother. She will share with you tried-and-true techniques from a clinical and practical level, while keeping you engaged, informed and entertained.

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